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Paul's solo show

Paul has been performing professionally since he was a kid. That wealth of experience now gets put to use in his one-man show, offering a truly insane variety of songs, in an ALL REQUEST format.


With a playlist that covers classic oldies to current hits, the show can be customized to whatever age and tastes prevails that evening. Whether it's Led Zeppelin, Dave Matthews, Elton John, Foo Fighters, U2, or Jimmy Buffett, the show is always exactly what you want it to be!

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Living proof that Island Music can rock!

Much more than the "usual"  Steel Drum band, TROPIXPLOSION 

plays not only your tropical favorites, but many reggae classics and pop/rock party songs re-arranged to feel like the Islands. New, classic, and many other surprises, all performed with an exotic twist!

TROPIXPLOSION most frequently performs as a 5 to 7-pc band, but can provide groups of any size, from a solo performer with backing tracks, on up to their full 10-piece extravaganza with lighting and special effects!

TROPIXPLOSION is the ideal music solution for ANY size venue, city concert, festival, theater, or event looking to create an exciting summer party any time of year!

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The Midwest's #1 Pink Floyd show


In the Flesh! is an exciting, thoroughly entertaining show, featuring Pink Floyd’s most beloved classics, brought to life in a high-energy, theatrical format that appeals to all ages.


Every ITF performance includes a full 7-piece band, along with a mind-blowing laser show, costuming, and projections – a complete feast for the senses!


Unlike so many other Floyd tributes, the In the Flesh show is also an interactive PARTY; the band has an energy level and connection with the audience that makes the crowd a vital part of the show.


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Contact us for a quote!


Ideal for parties, themed events, and more - this option allows you to customize a small group from any of our offerings!


Available as a duo, trio, or quartet, with options including guitar, percussion, steel drums, keys, and more, we can put together the exact group and sound

you're looking for!



A repurposed, recycled, EXPLOSIVE musical ride

High energy, creatively bashing percussion set up comprised of repurposed/ found items such as 30 and 50 gallon barrels, pipes, and tubs. Shredding guitar riffs referencing some big hits. A DJ mashing up samples of songs that will keep you moving. The theme here, not just recycling but repurposing.


Get ready for an escape into the urban wild with Calabash! I

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