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Paul WIllaert

Chicago’s Paul Willaert has been writing, arranging, performing, and teaching professionally since the age of 16. He’s performed and toured across the U.S. in an extremely wide variety of bands – from metal to country, new wave to jazz, bluegrass to calypso to progressive rock; anything that’s ever sparked his interest. Over the years he has blended all these influences into a playing style that is truly his own. Combining melodies and rhythm patterns through each song, his playing often sounds like multiple guitars playing at once, and his searing, melodic solos have been compared to legends such as Brian May, Jimmy Page, and David Gilmour.




After touring through the 80’s, Paul set up a permanent musical base in Chicago in the early 90’s. He then formed and wrote/arranged all the material for the critically acclaimed band Crack’d Actor, produced by Vaughn Halyard (Living Color, Janet Jackson). At the same time he also became a founding member of In The Flesh?, the Midwest’s first full theatrical Pink Floyd tribute.




These days find Paul writing, recording, and touring with the “Caribbean-Rock hybrid” band, Tropixplosion! He performs over 200 shows every year, including his “BazillionSongs” solo show- an all-request evening featuring every style of music he’s been involved in over the years. In 2010, Paul also began preparing a national touring version of “In The Flesh! - Echoes of Floyd”, which is now performing in major venues and theaters throughout the Midwest. His most recent large venue performance took place in Las Vegas along with Earth, Wind, and Fire and Foreigner. And he finds time to give private guitar instruction two days a week as well!

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